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Until we are reunited in heaven, know that we miss you and love you Baby Joshua! Always and Forever, Mommy & Daddy

Memorial created 01-2-2008 by
Joshua's Mommy: Anna-Lizza Ortiz
Joshua Matthew Concepcion Ortiz
November 15 2007 - November 15 2007

♥"His Tiny Feet Go Before Us To Show Us The Way Home."♥




This online memorial was created in loving memory of our precious baby Joshua Matthew Ortiz, born sleeping on November 15, 2007 at 12:28 am, and whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. I hope my words and actions properly honor my sweet Baby Joshua.



♥Born into the arms of Jesus on November 15, 2007♥

Joshua blessed our lives in so many ways during his short life and there will never be a single day that we will not think about him, that we will not talk about him, that we will stop loving him, and that we will not miss him. Joshua is in my heart, soul and mind every second, of every day. He is my son and always will be. Joshua is in every tear that falls on my face and every painful beat of my heart. He has brought our family a happiness we will never feel again and never forget - the joy of having another baby! Joshua will always be our precious baby, our sweet son. I held Joshua in my arms for a little while, but I will hold him in my heart forever.

Joshua's memory lives on through all of you reading my words. Joshua's memory lives on through all the new friends I have met who have also lost a child, knows the pain and grief I have, and most of all know Joshua's story. Joshua's memory will live on as long as we all remember him and say his name. 




"...In just a little while I will be gone, and you won't see me anymore. Then, just a little while after that, you will see me again." ~John 16:19




♥What An Imprint Your Footsteps have left upon our hearts...

How very softly you tiptoed into our world.
Almost silently, but only a moment you stayed.
What an imprint your footsteps have left upon our hearts.
Our hearts never knew loneliness until you went away.
Until we are reunited in heaven, you will be in our hearts forever!
We Love You Joshua!

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We will remember Joshua Matthew forever.

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